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Elastic straps for industry


Certified to ISO 9001 and EN 9100 (aeronautics, aerospace and safety), we manufacture in France customized elastic and bungee straps for industrial applications (lifting, holding, securing, machine drives, etc.).

Our industrial elastic straps are made from latex or elastane and resistant materials such as polyester, Lurex®, polyamide, polypropylene… They meet strict criteria in terms of elongation and resistance (to heat, breakage, humidity…). Each product is manufactured in our Saint-Chamond (42) workshop, and is the result of a customized design to meet specific needs.

We offer a wide range of colors to meet your signage or branding needs, and provide a wide range of complementary finishes such as cutting (hot, cold, ultrasonic), sewing, tip fitting, treatments and coatings…

Our technical team is at your service to provide the best possible response to your requirements.

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Orange elastic strap 25mm REM1679/25
35mm white elastic strap REM1853/35
35mm black elastic strap REM2036/35
30mm Non-slip elastic strap REM2037/30
35mm bicolor elastic strap  REM2275/35
35mm black elastic strap REM2646/35