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Packaging and finishing


A ribbon specialist for over 130 years, Manutex supplies ready-to-use items for retailers, fashion and packaging designers, and industry professionals. Numerous finishes are available, as well as packaging adapted to the transport and use of our products.


Coupe à chaud et à froid

Hot and cold cutting

A clean, neat cut using professional machines. Hot cutting has the advantage of cauterizing the ends and preventing the product from fraying.

Ultrasonic welding and cutting

Cutting-edge technology for precise, fray-free cuts. Ultrasonic welding is ideal for closing bracelets or straps.


Ribbon or cord sewing for packaging and finishing garments and textile accessories.

Embout de lacet

Installation of metal or plastic end caps

Fitting of plastic ferrules or end caps by overmolding, for finishing laces or stationery elastics

Embrasse cablée

Manual assembly

We offer manual mounting and assembly for the creation of trimmings such as curtain cords



In spool

Various sizes of spools for storing cords, braids, ribbons…

Packaged in wafers

In a wafer

Ideal for storing ribbons and flat braids (25m or 50m)

Ruban sur plaquette

In blister packs

Ready-to-sell packaging for haberdashers and wholesalers. Card can be customized according to BAT and PANTONE colors or card supplied.