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Are you a professional looking for top-quality products for your business? The most technical textiles hold no secrets for our workshops. From medical and industrial equipment to the protection of structures of all kinds, Manutex’s expertise has made its mark on the technical and professional markets.

Manutex has a wealth of experience in weaving and braiding, and has mastered the many skills involved in the production of cords, straps, elastics and technical braids. The diversity of our production tools means that we can design, develop and manufacture any product to precise specifications, either directly or through co-design.

Over time, we have been able to evolve to offer you increasingly technically sophisticated products, thanks in particular to the use of technical fibers (Kevlar®, Nomex®, silica, fiberglass, carbon, Kermel®, Twaron® …) and adapted manufacturing processes (calendering, coating, …).

EN 9100 certified, we operate in the aeronautics, aerospace and security sectors, working in collaboration with the design offices of the major contractors in this field, as well as in the industrial and medical sectors.

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Aeronautics, aerospace and defense

Protective sheath, with insulating braid, fire-resistant elastics, safety straps made from high-tenacity materials.


Technic and industry

We create a wide range of tapes, cords, elastics and technical braids for industry, based on high-strength materials.



Accessories for professional or medical garments, such as mask elastics and support belts.

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