Manutex proposes and creates all types of basic or specific narrow textile accessories to offer a technical aspect to your products. We are a leading French supplier of woven elastic articles, mainly due to the excellent responsiveness of our teams. Our products can be used on clothing such as boxer shorts, bathing trunks, outerwear, undergarments, jackets, parkas, coats, bonnets, head bands, gloves, scarves and many more.





Our Sportswear articles:

Belts – Cords – Elastic tapes – Button elastics – Loops – Coarse grain – Trim – Jacquard – Sports shoelaces – Plaits – Piping – Costume ribbon – Straps – Twill – Taffeta – Braiding – Tubing


Please contact our team to request information; we can help you design and develop custom products to meet your needs.