Ribbons, cords and braids for industry


As every industry has its own specific requirements, we are in a position to meet your needs and study your requests.

We can produce a range of woven and braided products, and apply the appropriate treatments to meet your specific requirements, such as coating, curing, packaging and inspection, in accordance with your specifications.

We create a wide range of tapes, webbings, cords, elastics and technical braids for industry, based on special fibers such as silica, Kevlar®, Nomex®, Kermel®, Dyneema®…

We offer a range of cutting techniques, including hot cutting, cold cutting and ultrasonic cutting.

We also process our products to produce flame-retardant and high-resistance tapes and cords.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so please contact our dedicated team to discuss your project and its specific requirements.

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