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Elastic straps for clothing


Woven in our workshop in Saint-Chamond (42), elastic straps are used in the garment industry for the manufacture of lingerie, underwear, sportswear, swimwear… They can be woven in the color of your choice, incorporating a brand logo or jacquard weave pattern.

These elastic straps are made from a blend of latex and polyamide (nylon) or polyester. We also offer hypoallergenic elastics woven from elastane, for added comfort.

Our team is at your disposal to bring your textile project to life. Contact us to find out more about our customized elastic webbing solutions.

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Tricolour elastic strap 16mm REM2791/16
15mm folding elastic webbing in polyester and Lurex
35mm elastic strap REM1853/35
35mm black elastic strap REM2646/35
25mm orange elastic strap REM1679/25
20mm retroreflective strap RRM2792/20