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Taffeta ribbons for garments


Very versatile, taffeta ribbon is the most widely used and oldest type of ribbon in terms of manufacture. The criss-crossing of warp and weft threads creates a solid structure, with no reverse or right side, which finds numerous applications in garments, from textile finishing to the creation of belts and hems.

Manufactured in our Saint-Chamond (42) workshop since the 19th century, taffeta ribbon is available in a wide range of materials (cotton, polyester, polyamide, acrylic, viscose…), widths and colors. It will fit in perfectly with all your ready-to-wear and fashion accessory design projects.

Our sales team will be happy to show you all the possibilities offered by taffeta ribbon weaving.

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Black taffeta ribbon RRM2749/25
Blue taffeta ribbon RRM2194
Blue cotton taffeta ribbon bleu RRM2234/30