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Experts in ribbon-making since the 19th century, we master the manufacture of laces, cords, braids and ribbons, fashion accessories that have stood the test of time. Corset laces and hat ribbons have given way to hood cords and shoe laces, but we still use the same know-how, handed down from generation to generation.

Textile weaving

Our weaving workshop produces taffeta, twill and satin ribbons, plain or multicolored, rigid or elastic.

We master the jacquard ribbon technique, to create personalized ribbons with a motif or text woven into the heart of the weft.

For your apparel and fashion accessory projects, we offer a vast choice of materials, both natural (cotton, hemp, linen, fair trade) and synthetic (polyester, Lurex®, nylon, polypropylene).

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Weaving for fashion and decoration
Textile braiding for clothing and decoration

Textile braiding

Cords, pipings, croquets, braids, laces and elastics have been manufactured in our workshops in Saint-Chamond (42) since 1898.

Heirs to the old ribbon-making houses, we create standard or made-to-measure products for textile projects.

We take advantage of the colors offered in each material to create braids and cords in phase with your creation.

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We provide all the finishing touches needed to produce ready-to-use products, including cords, ribbons, braids, elastics…

  • Cutting (cold, hot, ultrasonic)
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Fitting of ferrules or ferrets
  • Screen printing

All finishes comply scrupulously with our specifications and are subject to strict quality control.

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Finishes on cords, braids and ribbons
Co-design for fashion


Our R&D and textile design teams work closely with our customers to produce customized prototypes and, ultimately, a new product to add to our references.

Co-design or co-processing means tailoring our production to your needs.

Can’t find the right product in our catalog? The Manutex teams are at your disposal for any specific textile design request, and will study every detail with you, from prototype to final production.

We can work on different materials, with a defined range of colors, and we can also offer you a yarn dyed to suit your needs.

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